The Leadership Tools We Teach:

  • The Power of Advocacy 

  • The Power of Fundraising 

  • The Power of Storytelling 

  • The Power of  Organizing

Our programs help girls to hone their skills in community organizing, goal setting, and effective communication. Girls who complete our programming report increased confidence, higher levels of civic participation, and a stronger conviction and ability to take action for global good.



Advocacy 101

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is about influence. It’s organizing and working to align decision-makers to create change. There are many ways to advocate, on many levels — locally, nationally, and even globally.

Why is Advocacy Important?

Advocacy is the best tool for social, political, and economic change.

IGA leaders around the world advocate by asking those in power to promote policies that positively impact the lives of girls. IGA provides ongoing opportunities for girls to create change through social action campaigns and advocacy efforts in their own communities.

Become an Advocate

To get started advocating for change, get educated to understand the problem, learn who the decision-makers are, and how to collaborate on a solution.

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