Healthy assortment of yellow foods


We ask that community members reduce or eliminate artificial sugars from their daily diets. Instead, we ask that community members choose healthy,

natural sugars from fruits.

We ask that you take the Sugar Pledge today and AVOID and/or LIMIT the following:

  • Sodas

  • Fruit juices (high fructose)

  • White breads, Irish potatoes, white rice

  • Fried foods


We ask that CHOOSE the following things:

  • Plant-based meals

  • Hot breakfast with protein and vegetables

  • Fresh Fruits

  • A vegetable at each meal (if possible, dark leafy greens)

  • Nuts (if not allergic)

  • Lean proteins (93% lean ground beef, chicken, fish, London broil, top round)

  • Whole grain snacks


To sign up for the pledge please email: 

  • Instagram

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